opposed to the existing authorities or establishment

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  • anti-establishment — /an ti e stabˈlish mənt or i / adjective Opposed to the opinions and values of the establishment in society noun The people who are opposed to such opinions, etc ORIGIN: ↑anti (2) …   Useful english dictionary

  • Anti-establishment — An anti establishment view or belief is one which stands in opposition to the conventional social, political, and economic principles of a society. The term was first used in the modern sense in 1958, by the British magazine New Statesman to… …   Wikipedia

  • anti-establishment — adjective Referring to someone who is opposed to the existing system (the establishment). The hippies were noted for their anti establishment ways, firmly opposed to the order their parents so revered …   Wiktionary

  • anti-Establishment — /ænti əsˈtæblɪʃmənt/ (say antee uhs tablishmuhnt) adjective opposed to the members of the Establishment, their attitudes and their practices …   Australian-English dictionary

  • anti- — [æntɪ ǁ æntɪ, æntaɪ] prefix opposed to or against something: • the anti business climate of the 1960s and 1970s • The bill is anti consumer and anti competitive. * * * anti UK US /ænti / US  /æntɑɪ/ prefix ► opposed to or against something: »Even …   Financial and business terms

  • Anti-French sentiment in the United States — is the manifestation of Francophobia by Americans. It signifies a consistent hostility towards the government, culture, and people of France that employs stereotypes.Understanding anti French sentimentsAs with any foreign country phobia ,… …   Wikipedia

  • Anti-intellectualism — describes a sentiment of hostility towards, or mistrust of, intellectuals and intellectual pursuits. This may be expressed in various ways, such as attacks on the merits of science, education, art, or literature.Anti intellectuals often perceive… …   Wikipedia

  • Anti-nuclear movement in the United Kingdom — Anti nuclear movement Australia  · Austria  · Canada France  · Germany  · India Japan   …   Wikipedia

  • Anti-Americanism — Anti American mural in Tehran, Iran, 2004 The term Anti Americanism, or Anti American Sentiment, refers to broad opposition or hostility to the people, policies, culture or government of the United States.[1] …   Wikipedia

  • Anti-Arabism — or Arabophobia is prejudice or hostility against people of Arabic origin. Anti Arabism is commonly associated with Islamophobia [ [,11374,1120849,00.html The Guardian: Islamophobia should be as unacceptable… …   Wikipedia

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